We are Capital Direct Financial Ltd.

Capital Direct Financial opens select opportunities to investors like you. Share in the success we've built since 2006. You can take advantage of our proven mortgage and real estate expertise.

Our affiliate, Capital Direct Lending Corp., is one of the fastest growing, non-traditional private lending companies in Canada specializing in home equity and residential mortgage financing. To find out more about Capital Direct Lending Corp., visit our retail web site at www.capitaldirect.ca.

How To Invest

Please go to www.incometrustone.com and fill out the Quick Subscription Application form. A Capital Direct Financial advisor will contact you in 24 hours.

About Capital Direct Financial

Capital Direct Financial Ltd. was registered as an Exempt Market Dealer in the provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario in February 2020. Investors purchasing units of Capital Direct I Income Trust may do so through Capital Direct Financial or another registered Dealer/Advisor. All of our dealing representatives are registered in the same provinces as Capital Direct Financial and are educated and trained to professionally operate in the exempt market.

Portfolio Holdings

Our portfolio of residential real estate mortgages is based on borrower stability, security and financial worth in geographically diverse areas.


What We
are Good at

Capital Direct Financial enables you to invest in a diversified portfolio of residential mortgages predominantly in British Columbia and Ontario.

Whatever your goal, an investment in Capital Direct I Income Trust may be the right stepping stone to your future. It's an investment you can feel good about!

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